About us

about us

Mr. Vinod Deora with Daughter Anju founded Santo Jewels in 1992.

As a Diamond & Jewellery Company, Santo is involved in every stage of the jewellery making process – from sourcing of each stone & gem, casting, filing, setting and polishing right through with the finest make to the most exquisite jewel.

Vinod Deora – Founder

Vinod Deora is the Founder of Santo Jewels (Dolly Exim Private Limited), a company which he co-founded together with his daughter (Anju Agarwal) and son (Ashok Deora) in 1992.

Today, he directs all strategic and business directives of the company and is hands on involved on safeguarding and improving the high business ethics and immaculate output standards which Santo Jewels is known to have built throughout its corporate history.

Sustaining best practices in Finance Departments, Customer Service, Marketing, Sales and Logistics, including efficient operational processes in delivering end to end jewel and Private Label jewellery design sets, ensuring company’s full focus is lent on the continuous development at every level of service or product offered by Santo Jewels.
Vinod has a commercial and Business Administration educational & operational background with an added focus on international trade.

In Vinod’s words:

“High quality workmanship has been the highest priority for us regarding our business, and is something which we have inherited as the new generation jewelers. Santo believes in preserving the values of classical jewellery arts and adding modern technologies and innovative methodologies to create a piece of jewellery which has high esthetic standards as well as look immaculate under the Loop.”

Ashok Deora – President and CEO

Ashok Deora is the President and CEO of Santo Jewels (Dolly Exim Private Limited), Ashok is tasked with the creative and thought innovation parallel of the corporate governance and spearheads the departments of conceptual design, product development, prototyping, advanced manufacturing, jewellery artisanship and the overall style positioning of the all products and design sets which Santo manufactures on an ongoing basis.

  •   Ashok is a creator and a motivator who communicates to inspire, to encourage designers to imagine broader, and directs artisans to put optimum refinement and dedication to every inch of mastery used in the creation of Santo Fine jewellery. As a creative entity his adage is to question design dogmas and strive to redefine every details to make jewellery visually more pleasing and affluent in substance.

  •   wide range of products for the benefit of its customers.

  •   Ashok’s educational and learning alignment is in gemology expertise, Jewel manufacturing, Fine Arts, Artisanship and an extensive training undergone in Antwerp, Belgium. He has years of experience as a classic bench jeweler and an expert gemologist as a seasoned craftsman.

In Ashok’s words:

“We are creating in a period when designs, trends and customer expectations are in change and that obviously gives us some creative mobility, to imagine and fit in the taste of today. In our inspirational reasoning, we always want to be contemporary yet with a refined edge. Once the idea is there, we work continuously to elaborate on our work to improve ourselves. Once the final concept is finalized we do everything to make sure our idea is realized by our craftsmanship. Our jewellery should reflect flawless design and the international appeal which I think is expected from us”

What We Do:

Innovation, quality and artistry are the three words which define Santo Jewels.

  •   Today, with a modern structure of skilled designers, 3D Designers, mold makers, jewelers, diamond setters, gem specialists and diamond professionals, we carry those three simple business approaches to everything we do.

  •   Steeped in traditional product development techniques, we excel in product design and prototyping, coupled with applied craftsmanship skills and personal customer service.

Design and Manufacturing

Santo Jewels works with clients in order to create advanced, end to end jewel, providing turn-key concept, design, and prototype to end product flawless sequence.

  •   With perceptive creativity, synchronized teamwork and learned professionalism we conceptualize new design sets and manufacture seasonal jewellery creations for clients.

  •   We do this with optimal consistency at all levels. As a result, fine jewellery creations which bear the hallmarks of Santo Jewels, are defined by their “marketability”, luxury value, design, aesthetic, functionality, comfort, and perfect craftsmanship.

  •   Personal Tailoring and Private Label

  •   Since the overhaul of our high-tech specialized atelier in 1995, we have created a signature product development system which stands out for its effectiveness, advancement and technologically adept matrix.

  •   Our concept of design process & compatibility helps our customers to see how their ideas can be materialized in product prototyping in real time.

  •   Additional to personalized bespoke services, we also focus in creating Private Label collections for discerning retailers and collaborate with aspiring jewellery designers from Asia, Middle East, Europe and the US, with reciprocal design flows from Paris, London and New York.

Dedication to Quality

Our core values are interlinked with consumer expectations and are built on mutual trust, mutual commitment on quality standards, in a relentless pursuit of jewellery refinement. Every artisan at Santo is responsible for mastery and innovation.

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